Investing in middle market companies
in partnership with management


CLEARVIEW CAPITAL® - Guiding Principles


  • Make concentrated investments in a select group of promising businesses – We commit our time and capital only to situations where we believe our expertise is well-suited to making a good company a great one.
  •  Always invest in partnership with management – We believe in a true partnership where success is earned in collaboration with our management teams.  Unlike many investment firms we never invest in securities that have a preference over management’s direct investment.
  • Commit personal capital alongside that of our management partners and limited partners – We believe strongly that success is preceded by commitment, so we seek dedicated management teams with whom we can be “all-in”.
  • “Do what we say we will do”We take pride in having built a reputation for honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.
  • Maintain a relentless focus on growth to maximize value for all investorsWe strongly favor profitable revenue growth, both organic and via acquisition, over cost cutting initiatives. 
  • Ensure operational autonomy for managementWe seek to add value to our portfolio companies by providing financial resources, board level guidance and operational support while leaving day-to-day management where it belongs, with the operating management team.